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RCS are specialists in Road Construction Surveys providing laser scanning services for construction, engineering, mining, architectural and GIS applications.

Welcome to Road Construction Surveys

Road Construction Surveys.Aust was established in 1987 to provide surveying services to the growing road construction industry. As our name suggests our core focus is on roads, and we have diversified into airport and bridge construction. We can provide a flexible survey solution based on your needs rather than our availability. To achieve this we work with all types of equipment and are fully conversant with all major machine control systems.

This gives RCS and its clients the benefit of working with the best systems available, whilst minimizing rework of data from one system to another. As all our survey crews have internet access (subject to coverage), time lost submitting reports and data is minimized. RCS prides itself on tailoring its service to client needs, and as such are happy to quote either contract or hourly rate works. With no minimum hours required only except travel time to site, clients only pay for the service they need when they need it.